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Susan Kim

Susan Kim writes for television, theater, fiction, nonfiction, film, and graphic novel. She has been the story editor/head writer on dozens of animated TV series. With husband Laurence Klavan, she wrote the young adult fiction trilogy, Wasteland. With Klavan, she also wrote two graphic novels: City of Spies (artwork by Pascal Dizin) and Brain Camp (artwork by Faith Erin Hicks). As a playwright, Kim wrote the stage adaptation of Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club, as well as The Arrangement, Where It Came From, Open Spaces, and the book to the musicals Merlin’s Apprentice (with Stephen Cole & Matthew Ward) and Allison Under the Stars (with Zina Goldrich and Marcie Heisler). One-acts include Memento Mori, Pandora, Dreamtime for Alice, Rapid Eye Movement, Seventh Word Four Syllables, and Death and the Maiden. She wrote the nonfiction book Flow: the Cultural Story of Menstruation, with graphic designer Elissa Stein. She has been nominated for the Emmy six times, the Writers Guild Award four times, and won the 1996 Writers Guild Award for Best Documentary for PBS’ Paving the Way.

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